(Statewide Information Services Corporation)


Over the past few years, Statewide Information Services Corporation (SISCO) has developed and operated a document imaging system to store all of Statewide Title’s files electronically. Using this system, Statewide Title has been able to store over 245,000 files, emptying an entire building and dramatically improving our production capabilities. Statewide Title’s staff can obtain a file in seconds rather than the 5 to 10 minutes it had taken in the past. This allows them to be more productive and serve  their customers, better than ever before.

Through recent developments in scanning technology and falling storage prices, many smaller companies like our own have been able to take advantage of document imaging to reduce their costs. We are currently developing a service for smaller offices like yours. We would like to be able to assist offices all over the state with converting their documents to an electronic medium. We understand the real estate process in the state and know your special needs and concerns. If you would like more information on this service or its development progress, please contact Chris Preslar at (800) 821-5414.