Why Use SISCO?

Why not? Paper filing wastes time and money. We can help you reduce your future information storage costs.

-Disadvantages of Paper storage-

Paper filing costs:

  • 5% on equipment
  • 20% on space
  • 70% on salaries (AIIM)

Organizations typically spend as much as 30% of thier time on finding files. (Delphi)

A typical 4-drawer cabinet

The Unrecognized Cost of Paper Filing Systems

Paper filing systems lack accuracy.
  • According to a Coopers and Lybrand study, "7.5% of all documents get lost and 3% of the remainder are misfiled." (Coopers and Lybrand)
  • One of every ten paper documents are a problem. (Coopers and Lybrand)


  • Only one staff member at a time can view a file.


  • In case of fire or flood, the entire inventory of documents could be lost. Storing a second copy offsite would only double the storage and overhead costs.


  • Indexing documents in more than one way is very difficult. Most organizations are only able to index by file number.

Customer Service

  • When a customer request requires a document, you must pull the file and call him/her back. This results in phone tag and wastes both time and phone charges.

Benefits of Document Imaging